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I’m watching Star Trek TNG season 7 episode 1 and I see Data standing in front of the Power Ranger command center.

I had to laugh.

#Comiccon #fanx #powerranger #jasondavidfrank

It has been a crazy few days. I’ve had family in town and have been sick as a dog. Tonight I sit with my baby nephew, his mom, my gf and her mom. We are watching frozen and it’s awesome.



This may be proof I’m a crazy cat lady.

This may be proof I’m a crazy cat lady.

Sometimes being a boss is tough. Any good boss will tell you one of the worst parts of their jobs in eliminating someone’s employment. At the end of the day, an employee fires themselves if the boss has a sound mind. Even if they need to go, you should still not like it, even if it’s just a little bit. The moment firing people doesn’t bother you, you need to quit.

Then there is dealing with nineteen (in my case) personalities. Nineteen sets of drama, issues, sad times, happy times, etc. Nineteen people who need you to be sensitive to who and what they are. You have to learn each person, know their personalities and how to coach them. You need to know how to motivate them and figure out how they best learn and adjust. It’s like having children.

There is the awkward stuff. Writing them up for behavior issues for example. Or maybe they can never get to work on time. Worse, they smell or are annoying. That is always really tricky to deal with. Smelly employees tend to equate to a poor one. But it is your job.

I’ve even dealt with death before. My first month as a boss one of my employees was the driver in a fatal car accident. The passenger in her vehicle flew out the window and died. I had to help her. That situation really only affected her however. A few around me have passed away from things we all saw coming, cancer for example. It took people months to accept that this person may not live. Somehow, that makes it easier.

Today though. Today it is something new. Last week we got news an employee was struck by a vehicle while attempting to assist a group of people who were in a vehicle accident. The young man who hit him is just 21 years old. My guess is he was “rubbernecking.” For about five days now that team of 300+ has been on pins and needles worried about him. Friday we had news they have removed part of his skull to allow his brain to swell. Saturday he passed away. You walk into the office and you can feel it. The grief, the chatter, the people talking about him. Who knew him and who didn’t? You can cut the sadness with a knife it’s so thick. I haven’t handled this before. The sudden, violent death of someone.

I am not going to sit here and tell you he was an amazing guy. People always ignore the normal, subpar or bad of a person when they are gone. I won’t. The makes him not a human. I won’t take away who he truly was from him because of his passing. He deserves better than that. He was annoying. He was loud. He sometimes was inconsiderate. He took twice the space he needed when he parked. And he looked kind of funny. His boyfriend is a disabled man, stuck in a wheel chair and is a dwarf. That relationship was amazing. Two men with obvious physical and mental disabilities found each other and found love. It was beautiful. He also was kind. He always had tasty snacks to share. He always tried to help. He smiled, a lot. He joked with everyone, even if it left you confused. It’s how he showed affection. And he was the biggest social butterfly I have ever met.

He is gone. We have a meeting with our HR department in an hour to discuss how to assist our employees in this time of difficulty. I hardly knew the guy, I knew him like all of us did. He was not someone I would call a friend. Yet I find myself sad by his passing. I find myself thinking how right now, my life isn’t bad and that while it could always be better, I have so much in my life to be thankful for. I find myself thinking, I am a lesbian in a state that would not let my girlfriend see me if I were hurt.

I am sad a good man is gone. I am sad that something like this comes up in my career. I am sad that at the end of the day, his boyfriend had no rights to see him. He was lucky that the family was okay with it.

RIP Anthony. Go be fabulous elsewhere.

Dear self entitled America,
When you call in and tell one of my employees you are going to call/have called/are on hold with, etc your lawyer keep in mind several things:

1 You don’t have a lawyer. We know this. Few people have personal lawyers. And if they do, they are buying a luxury version of what I’m selling.

2 That statement doesn’t scare us. I work for a multi billion dollar company. Even if you had a legit argument, which you don’t, you’d still lose.

3 You automatically stop getting taken seriously. In fact, you likely were mocked after the call ended.

Scare tactics don’t work.